Presley Carvalho

Since the age of 8, I’ve been making pixel art and contributing to projects on spriting forums, web comics, sprite animations, and game development. Sprites that I have created and/or assisted in making towards group projects have been uploaded onto The Spriters Resource. I have created animated pixel art and sprite animations in MS Paint, PikoPixel and Macromedia Flash respectively. I’ve constructed character sheets and tile sets that I have used for game creation in programs like RPG Maker and Game Maker.

I am currently pursuing a Visual Arts degree at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, where I have continued to explore and experiment with pixel art both digitally and traditionally. During this time, I have taught a variety of children (age 3-5, 6-9) basic shapes, color mixing, and how to incorporate them as you draw. It was within these positions where I actively assisted in art direction and worked alongside co-workers as a team, while also managing individual tasks given to me by others or that I had assigned myself to completion.